Tattoo Removal

Until recently, the gold standard in tattoo removal was the Q-Switched laser, which uses thermal energy to heat up and break apart the ink particles. The problem with Q-Switched technology, though, is that it’s not nearly as effective as the newer technology which has better outcomes for ink removal. Renew Laser Aesthetics is the only practice on the West Sound offering laser tattoo removal using the most advanced technology in the world – the Enlightenlaser.

Enlightenis the only system in its class with a hand piece that features up to 3 times greater energy. For tattoo removal patients, Enlightenoffers better clearance of tattoos, and it accomplishes this much faster than existing laser systems. We are really excited to bring these benefits to our patients that want tattoos removed. Enlightenis the first laser system in its industry to offer two ultra short laser pulse modes as well as two laser wavelengths to treat multiple tattoo colors. All of which simply means that we offer the best technology.  And better technology translates to fewer treatments, lower total cost for patients and no residual scarring or discoloration to the skin. And, our team is dedicated to providing our patients with friendly, personalized service in a medical practice environment.

Most tattoos require several treatments, typically 4 to 6, for effective removal, depending on factors such as tattoo size, location, tattoo age, colors, etc. The easiest color to remove is black because it absorbs all laser wavelengths, while other colors absorb light selectively, depending on the hue. Blue and green colors are the hardest to treat and often do not respond to laser treatments.