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Renew Laser Aesthetics is a new laser aesthetic medicine and tattoo removal adjunct to its sister company – InHealth Imaging. The name InHealth comes from the philosophy of founders Manfred Henne, MD, PhD, and Viola Medina, ARNP, that each person should live a healthy and fulfilled life. Thus, Renew Laser Aesthetics supports each person in achieving the outer self they wish to present to others.

Renew Laser Aesthetics is the only practice in the West Sound (Kitsap, Mason, Gray’s Harbor, Thurston, Jefferson and Clallam Counties) offering laser skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal using the most advanced technology in the world – the Enlighten™ laser.  For Renew Laser Aesthetics’ skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal patients the Enlightenlaser offers better clearance of brown spots, blemishes and tattoos, and it accomplishes this much faster than existing laser systems.  And better technology translates to fewer treatments and lower total cost for patients. Plus our team is dedicated to providing our patients with friendly, personalized service in a medical environment.

What separates the Enlightenlaser from other lasers is its nanosecond and picosecond combination pulsing. In laymen’s terms this laser is able to achieve a higher power in a shorter amount of time. As a result, the Enlightenlaser does not heat up the skin like older lasers. An analogy that we like to share is that of a Karate expert who chops a stack of bricks in half. With one quick, powerful chop the bricks are destroyed. The Enlighten™ laser does the same thing to tattoo ink and pigment cells. The 2 nanosecond and 750 picosecond pulse durations, in combination, provide the massive power to “break” tattoo ink and pigment cells into minuscule fragments that are then able to be eliminated through the blood stream.

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Only Center on the West Sound with an Enlighten Laser – the Most Advanced Technology in the World

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